The service domain of Utopian Waterproofing Ltd, include:

  • Exterior Waterproofing: This is the type of waterproofing that involves creating a barrier externally, against the moisture accumulation. When external forces of nature such as rains, cyclones, or floods lead to water accumulation around the foundation, the structure of the property is liable to get damaged. Though the process would be hectic, the team at Utopian Waterproofing Ltd would make every effort to offer the best outcomes.
  • Interior Waterproofing: Are your basements always wet? Then, there is an urgent need to implement interior waterproofing. Such a solution ensures that your property is protected both internally and externally. This is an affordable way to ensure that water stays away from the property.

The process of exterior waterproofing involves excavation process around the property premises. Next, the walls that lay hidden beneath the surface are brushed off dirt. Then, the cracks or holes are fixed with the concrete cement or other robust materials. Once that is done, a waterproofing membrane is applied followed by dimpled drainage membranes and weeping tiles. Lastly, the excavated space is refilled with a blend of sand and stones.

The process of interior waterproofing involves filling in the cracks and holes in the basements walls and floors so that the water inlets can be blocked. Next, the basement floor is excavated, and a sump pump system and an internal drainage system are installed. This ensures that all the water is accumulated by the sump pump and diverted to the drainage system. Next, a waterproofing vapor barrier is applied to the basement walls that prevent moisture accumulation and mildew growth. Lastly, the excavated area is sealed back to as it was. 


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